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Virtual Events in 2020: The Ultimate Guide

We all know there is no identifiable replacement for face-to-face marketing. Our new rules of engagement will push marketing teams, buyers and customers to move towards a comprehensive virtual platform through the remainder of 2021 and likely moving into the early quarters of 2021.

Cvent is an incredible leader in virtual event platforms and has been even before the global pandemic became an issue earlier this year. They have put forward an incredible guide to navigate through these difficult times. We are happy to share this data with our readers and hope you enjoy the blog post from Cvent and you actively explore their recommendations. The content covers:

  • What is a virtual event?

  • 4 types of virtual events

  • Why host a virtual event?

  • In-person or Virtual - The Fundamentals Matter

  • But In-person Events and Virtual Events Aren’t Exactly the Same

  • Virtual Event Elements

  • Event Technology and Virtual Events Platforms to Host a Virtual Event

  • The Basics: How to Host a Virtual Event

  • Preparing Attendees for Virtual Events

  • Attendee Engagement at Virtual Events

  • Networking and Connecting During Virtual Events

  • Data from Virtual Events

  • Proving Virtual Event Success

  • How to Turn Your Live Event into a Virtual Event at the Last Minute

  • Virtual Events as Part of Your Meeting and Event Program

Enjoy reading this post direct by visiting the Cvent web site reading about the Ultimate Virtual Events Guide.

Article is written by Madison Layman, Team Lead, Content Marketing at Cvent

About the contributor, Loren Ellis - Loren is the founder of Until We meet Again. He has been involved in the meeting and events industry for more than 20 years working with companies including Google Cloud, Arista Networks, Cisco Systems, Applied Materials, Xerox and Siemens Medical. His portfolio can be viewed at

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