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Live Event Marketing Strategies and Data Sharing for Meetings and Conferences in a Post Covid-19 Industry

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Until We Meet Again is a proud organization catering to the events, convention, meeting and trade show industries.  During the global pandemic (COVID-19) our goal was to share industry information and connect the events industry by providing the latest news, updates on protocols and employment opportunities.


We are looking forward to an incredible 2022 as the trends show that many in-person events are back!  With the addition of hybrid events and online offerings, the world is re-learning how to MEET AGAIN

As a marketing organization, we will continue to share resources, news and new product trends that make the events and meeting industry stronger and more resilient.  We have partnered with many industry publications and experts to bring the best news stories and create networking opportunities to boost your industry knowledge and provide a much needed edge to many people from beginners to experts.  We look forward to the new year and all the excitement that it will bring.  We hope you enjoy, follow and collaborate with us!

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